Broadcast Mix Template

A fully premixed DAW session, optimized for worship livestream. Comes in all major DAWs.

Hybrid Template

Optimizes your existing digital mixer for FOH, monitors and broadcast. No additional hardware needed.

Customized Mix Template

We’ll help you install your software, record stems, route the mix to your stream, an dial in your livestream mix especially for your church.

Gospel Mix Template

A premixed DAW session tuned for Gospel music needs.


Worship Mix+

Worship Tech + Waves = Fresh mixing content/plugins @ low, monthly rate.

From: $15 / month

Broadcast Mix Template All-Access

This template is built with the Slate Digital All-Access Pass subscription. Probably our best sounding template, but gotta have a pretty killer computer. You've been warned! Plugins not included.

Broadcast Template for GarageBand

A simple, affordable solution to getting started mixing worship/livestream audio with included software on Mac.

Post-Production Mix Template

A premixed and mastered template developed with Slate Digital All Access Pass. Available only in Logic Pro X.

X32 Stream Mix Template

Premixed scene for X32 dedicated for broadcast. Also works on any and all M32s.


Mobile Broadcast Template

Fully capable and functional livestream template that runs on iOS app Cubasis 3.