Gospel Mix Template

Gospel Mix Template

A premixed DAW session tuned for Gospel music needs.

Key Features

  • Drums

    Gospel drums present some unique challenges that may differ from our regular template. Typically, gospel drums are much higher tuned and less velocity, and much smaller, more aggressive cymbals - making each microphone prone to a lot of cymbal bleed. We've dialed in just the right amount of gating and EQ to accommodate this to maximize full potential of drums.

  • Bass

    Gospel bass players get low. REAL low. And can tend to play all up and down the neck. This requires special attention to getting a FULL range tone with the EQ on the bass guitar, allowing you to hear both the fatness of that fifth string, as well as the articulation and musicality in the upper positions of the neck.

  • Organ

    Top to bottom, or rather channels for the top and bottom. We've included two channels premixed from a mic'd up organ Leslie.

  • Background Vocals

    We appreciate the unique needs of gospel praise teams having dedicated background singers, and thus requiring unique mixing techniques. We've created separate buss fx to add more space and air to background vocals, unique from the lead vocal.

Supported DAWs

Plugins used in PLUS template

Our “lite” template requires absolutely no additional 3rd party plugins. It utilizes existing mixing tools in your respective DAW and only requires one of our supported DAWs to operate.



Waves Platinum

60 plugins: The advanced plan for music producers

Waves Tune Real-Time

Customized Mix Template

We’ll help you install your software, record stems, route the mix to your stream, an dial in your livestream mix especially for your church.

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  1. j

    Very friendly staffs and good quality mix that would separate your church live broadcast mix from other churches

  2. Kenneth Williams

    Not sure even where to start. My church stream audio struggled very bad. I purchased the garage band mix template and there was a HUGE difference in our stream audio. When I saw they had a gospel mix template, I had to get my hands on it. Pure genius!!!! Every instrument sounds great, it’s very simple to set up as well. They walked me through everything. This has been a great relationship and I will be referring other churches!!

  3. Conrad

    Great staff, very attentive to our request and needs. Our church was struggling with the live stream Audio and heard about worship tracks through a friend so we gave it a try and made a big difference. Great staff, service and work! Really good investment.

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If you have already purchased a previous/different version of any of our mix templates and found it lacking for your gospel needs, send us an email and we’ll get you a custom cross grade code made.