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Hybrid Template

Optimizes your existing digital mixer for FOH, monitors and broadcast. No additional hardware needed.


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One Template to Rule Them All🎚

Our hybrid template is designed to assist churches running only one digital mixer for three mixes – FOH, broadcast and monitors. 

Most churches.

We also understand that most people running sound half the time are pastors or worship leaders, and therefore “set and forget” is extremely beneficial. 

If that’s the case you’re in, this is for you.

The strategy we engineered this template with is to surgically remove commonly offensive frequencies between each particular channel/source to bring consistent clarity across the entire board. Other tenants of this template include:

  • judicious EQ boosting to enhance where necessary but still avoid feedback
  • Non-evasive gating to act as an “auto-mute” for channels like drums and other instruments to prevent sound from passing thru channels, but not engage so extremely as to accidentally close off important performance information.
  • MINIMAL to no compression – at least on individual channels. This is key as in many situations, compression can affect how a musician or speaker performs, especially when they are not used to it, causing all kinds of fringe issues in a mix. It can be navigated for sure in any situation, but if you’re in a situation struggling to fill the role of skilled audio engineer at the helm, it is best avoided.
  • Tasteful, minimal FX – and you can manipulate levels separately for each mix.

As for the “aux mix” used for broadcast, in technical terms, the sends are set to “unity, post-fader,” which is a complicated way of saying that the broadcast mix will mirror the main fader mix, thus eliminating the need to keep up with two mixes.

A lot of folks buy into the myth that you need a separate mixer for broadcast. And while that can be helpful if you ALSO have a second skilled engineer, if you don’t, it really is just more to deal with and will actually get you WORSE results. 

Template loads via USB drive or desktop editor.

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  1. Miranda

    This thing is super solid. Absolutely no complaints. We loaded it up and our broadcast and house mix got instantly better. 100% recommend.

  2. Sean Silveira

    Once I got a good nights sleep, and a good chat with the folks here I was able to get this up and running in no time. So worth it if you are just moving into the X32 series, say from the XR18 like I did, or you have been struggling with a mix. Just needed to do a few gain tweaks and it was already at the same level that took me multiple hours a week to dial my XR18 to. Seriously spent more time just playing around and listening than having to do any work. Thanks!!

  3. Myron

    The X32 hybrid template is a beast. It make me things extremely easy and helps with the confusion that can come with audio, especially for live stream. This sets you up for success. For us that have small churches and can’t afford to have multiple mixers or even multiple people, this is a God send. Thank to the guys for making this accessible for us!

  4. Chris Sanchez

    This template is STELLAR!!! It’s super easy to get loaded into your consul and you will notice the results immediately.
    Our whole crew is volunteer-based, this is super intuitive, so that was a huge factor for me.
    To take it a step further, the way they used the x30 to onboard affects for things such as vocals, is amazing! It just makes your mix sound so much more lively both on the broadcast and FOH! It will definitely deliver a great product for your congregation!


    Awesome template

  6. James

    I bought this template and it works right out the box. It works very good! I would recommend this to anyone who has x32.

    Xair works great also!

  7. Mark Chouhan

    Super easy to use.

  8. Matthew

    Really great product ! Improved our house mix by 100%

  9. Collin Horton

    Template performs satisfactorily. I was able to use the channel strip/Bus presets to adapt the template to our setup. Our broadcast mix has never sounded better!

  10. Oscar Trevino

    Presets are on point and very useful my our worship needs.

  11. Jacob Lozano

    This template makes your FOH sound 10x better! Loved it!

  12. Jeremy Henderson

    The product is fantastic, however I would recommend to the worshiptracks.live team to provide the additional information that comes in the pdf instructions regarding the “plug and go” thought that is inherent in the current product page communication. Letting people know that if they have a current set up “scene” on the X32 that they will need to readjust their inputs on their stage boxes in order to match the download would be helpful. For churches who have smaller tech budgets this might involve a purchase of extra cabling to do so (especially if using multiple stage boxes) in order to adjust their inputs to the templates parameter set up. Great product. Great team. Thank you!

  13. Anonymous

    Have not used the template yet, but the customer service has already been top notch!

  14. Christian Corriveau

    This template is really cool and helpful!

  15. john wojciechowski

    Super easy to install and get going

  16. Edgar

    Im using the hybrid for the TF5, it’s amazing.. it help a lot for our broadcast, now we’re almost ready to move on to get even better with protools and will definitely get that template.. beyond perfect

  17. iWorship

    Great sound but is there a file for the A&H QU Series, I don’t see it ?

  18. Scott Jagodzinske

    Good Price

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